Business field expertise

Utilities  and environmental services:  water distribution and sewage, electricity generation, cleanliness and transport.

  • Logistics: Industrial transport and maritime and river port activities. Dry bulk products (solid fuels, coal, coking coals…), liquid bulk products (oil products), heavy parcels, containers and logistics of complex projects.
  • The residential/club services sector for retirees abroad.
  • The sector of secondary and higher education institutions under the brand Swiss School Consulting.


The domains of expertise

  • Public and private partnerships: We contribute to both parties by helping:
    Public organizations in defining, promoting, implementing partnerships with dedicated ressources.
    » The private candidates to be profiled in order to minimize the uncertainty of the public partner that may lead him to an inadequate selection.
    » Contracting  to minimize uncertainty about future performance that may obstruct the financial arrangement and reputation of the contract parties.
  • Conducting international business :
    » Operational management
    with responsibility of financial performance in interim/transition management.
    » Shareholder control processes at holding level.
    » Governance in the usual legal structures: Supervisory Board/Directory, Board of Directors/General Management, LLC/Management.
    » Europe, USA, Africa.
  • Developments by external growth
    » Acquisitions/Divestitures/Business combinations
    » Partnerships/Joint-Ventures

The team's successful missions

  • Veolia Water of North America:Reward and integration of the 10-year management contract of Indianapolis Water Company, USA.
  • Veolia Wasser GmbH: Disposal of a telecom subsidiary of Berlin Waterworks holding in Berlin, Germany.
  • Veolia Wasser GmbH: Management of the Berlin Waterworks Holding Vehicle (JV Veolia – RWE) – 6 years. Interface with the regulator and renegotiation of the privatization contract
  • ATIC Services: Acquisition and integration of a dry bulk handling operator in Gdynia, Poland.
  • Compagnie Française de Navigation Rhénane S.A.: Acquisition and Integration of a River Port – Deschieter SA in Ghlin, Belgium.
  • Compagnie Française de Navigation Rhénane S.A.: Settlement of a river shipowner’s activity to serve the Danube River in Belgrade, Serbia
  • Voies Navigables de France : Study on the river transportation capacity of steel slag products at the Dunkirk ArcelorMittal steel plant as part of the restructuring of the cement sector (Merger Lafarge-Holcim). In the Hauts de France and Belgium region.
  • Compagnie fluviale de transport –  Danube : Transfer of double-hull tanker barges, Danube Basin, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia and Romania.
  •  Swiss School Consulting‘s missions in the educational and vocational training world.