The scope of advisory activities

Meet your demand for international skills for your mid-cap companies or groups divisions.

  • Pan-European sectoral analyses in all business fields in Europe.
  • Deciphering the strategic issues of the business areas
  • The potential of the markets.
  • Proposal of responses to these issues by integrating local market practices.

Help your direct location in France, Africa, German-speaking Northern Europe and the Balkans.


  • Consider intercultural parameters.
  • Integrating international social relations.
  • Accompanying foreign investors as a dedicated project manager in France: Greenfield, Joint-Ventures or Acquisitions

Adapting your business scopes: Market developments require you to be mobile and sharp with an organization ready for change.

Take measured risks:

  • Develop precise frameworks in the analysis of international risk-taking.
  • Establish a structured engagement committee (CEO, COO, CFO…)
  • Minimize human and financial resources.
  • Develop partnerships with local businesses.


A structured approach

Your business case is analyzed to assimilate:

  • Your levers of excellence
  • The uniqueness of your offer
  • Your strategic vision

We support our analysis using the “Business model Canvas” and the consequences of these before undertaking the mission itself.

The  management of change in your organization is accompanied :

  • Establishing an action plan
  • Definition of human and financial resources
  • Proposal of a monitoring plan.

A streamlining of your sales plan is conducted to adjust resources to identified opportunities.

Your operating costs will be benchmarked.

An optimal risk management scheme by accurately qualifying your financial and operational risks is proposed.

When the robust solution is decided we can accompany the implementation locally.

The offer of management support

Analyze your need sets for your development challenges.

Federate the contributions of your engagement committee.

Respect the international intercultural paradigms in Europe (Germany, Benelux, UK, Poland, Serbia, Balkans) and more distant (Africa, USA).

Provide external sales representation solutions (agents, representative office), direct implementation or JV partnership solutions.

Implement solutions identified and approved by your organization.

Help you locally based on the solutions you choose.

Transfer international business skills to your organization.